About Consumer Education

About Consumer Education

The mandate of Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA) is to supervise, regulate and promote the development of the insurance industry in Kenya.

IRA has employed a number of strategies in implementing the mandate which includes Consumer Education to create awareness on the need and benefits of insurance to the general public. The overarching goal is to improve public understanding and appreciation of insurance as a mechanism for risk management.

The IRA consumer education website provides information to the Kenyan public on risk management and insurance, insurance products, rights and obligations of consumers under insurance contracts and guides on the claim settlement process and the complaint procedure.

Consumer Education programs/activities:

  1. Focused training programs for targeted groups to create insurance awareness at the counties.
  2. Consumer education champaigns on television and local radio Stations targeted to the general public
  1. Road shows and Insurance mobile clinics in the counties to reach the general public
  2. Partnerships and collaborations in creating insurance awareness.

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